A pro-growth agenda that makes a few people rich at the expense of this place and the community that calls it home is an agenda we can’t afford. 

Christian gets it. He has the vision to make Teton County sustainable, the courage to fight the special interests working against it and the tenacity to persevere.

Vote the pro-growth agenda out. It’s killing this place. Christian’s the only candidate for Teton County Commission who is willing to fight for the longterm interests of this community. He has my full support.

—Yvon Chouinard, Founder, Patagonia

Christian Beckwith would make an excellent elected leader for our community. He is committed to working through the hard issues to balance conservation and development. Christian has my vote because I know he will work hard for Teton County.

—Ben Ellis, Teton County Commissioner (2006-2014)

We have a responsibility to this ecosystem that supersedes our short term personal interests. Current policy decisions have gone away from Teton County’s historic number one value: prioritizing the ecosystem and wildlife. We are in a morass of more and more additive development purported to solve our problems. We won’t grow ourselves out of our problems, and we need elected officials with the courage to say no. While Christian and I may not agree on all things, I will be voting for him as a strong voice for this irreplaceable ecosystem.

—Barbara Allen, Teton County Commissioner (2013-2017)

For almost fifty years, dedicated people have been fighting to protect Jackson Hole and its quality of life. In all those years, the community’s priorities have not changed. To “preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations” is only the latest rewording of the goals stated in every comprehensive plan since 1978—goals that are almost impossible to meet, given the constant pressure for growth and development.

Responsible planning takes courage, determination, patience, vision, and a willingness to do the hard work that Teton County needs and deserves. Christian Beckwith has those qualities. He is able to take a long view of responsible planning and growth that will benefit Teton County for years into the future, and he will bring solid thinking and new ideas to the many challenges that the county faces. This is a crucial time for the county. I hope you will give Christian your support.

—Muffy Moore, Teton County Commissioner (1977-1983)

I’ve known and worked with Christian Beckwith for over ten years. His leadership and commitment, as well as his effectiveness in fundraising and building partnerships, were instrumental in building the Teton Boulder Park and ensured the implementation of this important community project.

—Bob McLaurin, Town Manager, Town of Jackson, WY (2003-2018)

Christian will be a consistent advocate for conservation values in Teton County—protecting assets that support quality of life, our unique ecosystem and an economy based upon these attributes.

—Sandy Shuptrine, Teton County Commissioner (1991-2003)

Our valley is at a critical turning point; protecting its natural resources should be a priority for all of us. It’s time we put conservation at the forefront. Christian will be a strong voice and an unwavering advocate in this effort. I’m supporting Christian Beckwith for Teton County Commission and I hope you will also.

—Greg Miles, Jackson Town Council member (2009-2013)

Christian Beckwith is a bulldog in the best sense. He will fight for the open space of democracy, and advocate for the hard conversations so necessary for a livable future for Teton County.

—Terry Tempest Williams, author, conservationist, writer-in-residence at Harvard Divinity School

Christian will do what’s needed to preserve our quality of life here in Teton County. He’ll be a fearless and effective advocate for protecting our open spaces and our wildlife, restoring our water quality, and making sure that future growth is sustainable, reasonable and serves all members of our community. Please join me in voting for him.

—Elizabeth Storer, President and CEO, George B. Storer Foundation, Jackson, WY

During these intense, uncertain times, I believe what Teton County most needs from its leaders is clarity of vision, courage to stay true to one’s values and the powerful energy to keep showing up and moving things forward.  Having worked with Christian on the SHIFT board as well as through the leadership program at Central Wyoming College, I’ve been witness to his undaunted courage, relentless energy and ethical values.  He’s what we most need now as County Commissioner.

—Sandy Schultz Hessler, Founder, Six Minutes Daily;
Assistant Dean, Harvard Kennedy School (2009-2011)

Special places like Teton County, with Grand Teton National Park, spectacular wildlife and a proud community, require thoughtful leaders with not only vision, but an ability to deliver. 

In 2017, I attended my first SHIFT conference and was impressed by the diversity, innovation and vision of the gathering. It was there that I met Christian Beckwith and was impressed by his ability to help the community’s economy, engage a new generation and contribute meaningful ideas to the future of conservation. 

In a follow-up conversation, I suggested to Christian that he look at the role of nature in public health as a topic for the following year’s program. He took that suggestion and ran with it. Today, thanks to his vision and tenacity, SHIFT is a global leader in the health and nature movement. 

I have no doubt that if Christian were elected as Teton County Commissioner, he would apply a similar vision and tenacity to the challenges and opportunities facing one of the most iconic places in the world.

—Jonathan B. Jarvis, 18th Director of The United States National Park Service

Though his years of experience as the Executive Director of SHIFT, Christian has gained a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges that face Jackson Hole.  His vision is guided by lasting values of sustainability. In his role as county commissioner,  I believe he will demonstrate the same dedication, hard work, passion and insight that we know him for—and our community will be better for it for generations to come. 

—Kathryn Mapes Turner, artist, lifelong Teton County resident

Christian is willing to explore new ways of solving problems such as keeping Snow King a community space through collaborative funding and purchase… which I think is a great idea!

—Patty Ewing, Co-Founder, Barker-Ewing Whitewater

Christian Beckwith has integrity.  In a time full of this label versus that label, Christian is able to listen to all of the information and take the long view.  He cares.  And he has the energy to work hard for what he believes is best for the community.  

We’re voting for Christian because he says, “…I’ll fight like hell to make this community as singular as its surroundings.”

—Annie and Rod Newcomb, Jackson, WY

I have known and worked with Christian for over 20 years. He is aware. He is thoughtful. And he is relentless when on the path to an outcome in which he believes. 

Christian believes in creating opportunities for all and in making Jackson Hole a model for Western small towns. I can not think of a more deserving person to serve as county commissioner.

—Phil Powers, Owner, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides;
CEO, The American Alpine Club (2005-2020)

In three short years, I’ve watched as Christian has positioned nature as a health care delivery system in innovative and strategic ways. Christian’s vision, tenacity and inspired thinking have quickly made him a national leader in the space. I’m excited to see what happens when he applies those same leadership qualities to a community he deeply loves.

—Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA, System Wide Chairman of the Geisinger Musculoskeletal Institute for the Geisinger Health System;
Board Trustee, The American Medical Association

Christian Beckwith is a doer—his bias for action is second-to-none—and a leader who inspires others to bring about the change they want to see. He’s also an advocate for the backbone of this community: the Latino community.

A community consists of individuals who care for and relate to each other. Christian wants to engage and better serve this vital part of the community that for too long has not had a voice at the table. 

Christian represents the right kind of spirit of Jackson Hole. His leadership experience running Alpinist Magazine, SHIFT, and the Teton Climbers’ Coalition will serve him well as County Commissioner. I will be voting for him this November.

—Sahir Enriquez, Vice Chair, Teton Climbers’ Coalition

As the resources of our beloved valley and community have been stretched past their capacity in recent months, we desperately need leaders who have not given up on working towards a vision that looks at the long-term implications of their decisions. Solutions for protecting wildlife and wild places while supporting human and societal needs in our valley are complex. “Unbridled growth to accommodate the insatiable desire to live here” is not sustainable.

I’ve known Christian Beckwith through the climbing community for over 20 years. In that time, he has demonstrated he has the tenacity and work ethic necessary to see challenging projects through to completion.

Our community would be fortunate to have Christian serving us in the capacity of County Commissioner!

—Marian Meyers, Teton Climbers’ Coalition Board Member, Physical Therapist

If you want someone who will protect wildlife and preserve some semblance of Wyoming lifestyle in Jackson Hole, vote for Christian Beckwith. He has the vision and skills to make a difference.

—Tom Turiano, author, guide, pioneer of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Over the last 12 years, I have watched Christian bring two amazing community projects to life: the much beloved Teton Boulder Park at the base of Snow King, and the very inspiring SHIFT Festival. In both, he had a really big and creative vision, the persistence and drive to pull it off, a unique ability to communicate and rally many to his side to help, and a can-do, never-quit attitude, all grounded in great love for our community as well as great respect for the power of place it holds.  I will be voting for Christian and the values he holds and am confident he will work hard and fight harder to protect what we all love about living here. 

—Liza Millet, Jackson, WY

In my long career, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of our country’s finest business, political, and non-profit leaders. Without question, Christian is one of the most impressive. His ability to boldly envision that which is not and then tenaciously transform it into reality while bringing in the divergent opinions of the community is inspiring and unparalleled—as is his selfless commitment to service. 

I have no doubt that Christian will become an outstanding Teton County Commissioner who will leave a legacy of accomplishment that will make the community proud and future generations appreciative. I believe in Christian because he believes in us and has the proven leadership capacity to deliver.

—Peter Metcalf, Founder, Black Diamond

We need to give Christian a chance to take the sharp end and lead us into some positive change. To date, no one in our government has demonstrated the bravery and courage necessary to dream big and then act to protect our quality of life.  It’s time to take a view of what’s possible without simply looking at what’s on the agenda.  What if we could increase quality of life for valley residents, commuting Idaho friends, and visitors alike by constructing a tunnel under the pass paid for in a private/public/business partnership? Or an aerial/train transport from town to the village like exists in Switzerland? People could enjoy our scenery, get work done, stay physically distant or be social, decrease stress, increase chill time, and lessen our environmental impact all while protecting our economy and restoring our quality of life. Big stuff needs to happen to keep us wanting to live here.  Christian is the candidate to do it.

—Kit DesLauriers, professional athlete, first woman to ski Mt. Everest

I’ve known Christian since the early 1990s when he was a homeless climbing bum sleeping in my driveway, saving his nickels so he could publish the next issue of The Mountain Yodel. He has come a long way since then and with his sharp intellect and measured manner, I think he’d make a fine representative to serve our community as a County Commissioner.

—Stephen Sullivan, Founder/CEO, Stio

I have known Christian for over 20 years. I don’t think I’ve met anyone so tenacious when he’s fighting for his vision or something he believes in. He sees the big picture, thinks big and is willing to work very hard to make things happen. I support his campaign for County Commissioner. 

—Rob Werner, Founder/President, Jackson Temp Service, Inc.

Christian and I arrived in Jackson at the same time over 25 years ago and we both immediately called this place our home. We arrived because of the environment but remained because the people who choose to live in JH make it extraordinary. I have watched Christian work as a writer, editor, community project organizer, and recently the Director of SHIFT with boundless energy and inclusive vision. Christian is a superb communicator, is adept at working on a team, but most importantly cares deeply about this place and our people. I have no doubt that Christian will do great work for this community and environment during these complex times. He has my full support.

—Nat Patridge, President and co-owner of Exum Mountain Guides

Christian says what he thinks, has a clear vision for what he would do if elected, combines passion with a great intellect and has a moral compass carved from Teton granite. He is exactly the county commissioner we need.

—Alex Friedman, Co-Founder, Jackson Hole Economics; Former CFO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Over the years I’ve come to know Christian as much more than a partner in the outdoor industry. He cares deeply about Teton County and understands that its economy is directly tied to its natural resources. He also understands the value of spending time outside and how it impacts people’s mental and physical health. 

Christian believes in service to his community. His proven track record of creating jobs, educating the next generation, and bringing the world to Jackson Hole is evidence enough of his dedication and care.

I can not think of a more deserving person to serve as county commissioner.

—Luis Benitez, VP Government Affairs and Global Impact, VF Corporation;
Director, Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation (2014-2019)

For many years Christian Beckwith has been a tireless crusader for conservation and outdoor recreation, the cornerstones of our community. He’s a thoughtful, compassionate leader, one who will listen, digest, and consider all points of view, and one who will apply the best available science and information to reach smart decisions on the pressing issues facing Teton County. Independent of mind, he will not be swayed by powerful interest groups or individuals, and will help chart a course for this amazing valley that holds on tight to our most cherished values. He has my fullest support.

—Mark Sullivan, environmental attorney, Wilson, WY

In more than 20 years as a Jackson Hole resident, Christian has developed an intimate connection to this community, becoming extremely well-informed about both its natural history and culture. His passion for both, coupled with his experience working successfully with local agencies and stakeholders on challenging projects many thought couldn’t be done, makes him the best candidate to represent the diverse people of this county, while protecting our unique, vulnerable environment.

—Brian Prax, physical therapist, Jackson, WY

Christian Beckwith is the only candidate who bases his values and his actions on the most important element that sustains life and the economy here in Teton County: our incredible natural resource base.  Christian understands in his deepest core that clean air, clean water, viable agriculture, wildlife, our forests, and our magnificent mountain landscape are products of natural wonders sustained by generations of sound stewardship.  Without this, we have nothing.

—Bernie McHugh, Wilson, WY

Christian Beckwith understands how special and unique Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are. He understands that the only way to keep Jackson from becoming Any-town, USA, is to embody the opening words of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan: “Preserve and protect the ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations.” He is highly principled and will stick to them with the tenacity of a pit-bull. A vote for Christian is a vote for the best possible future for Jackson Hole.

—Chris Hansen, Owner, Pizzeria Caldera

As a lover of our precious public land I support Christian for the Board of County Commissioners. Several state school sections in our county are important for their ecological and wildlife values as well as great places for people to ramble. As commissioner he would support keeping these places in public hands instead of selling them to the highest bidder.

—Susan Marsh, author, conservationist, Jackson, WY

Community character is central to Christian’s vision.  His common sense solutions to address growth do not compromise attributes of Jackson Hole that I hold dear and which make this place so special. Christian asks that we squeeze every ounce of efficiency from our current infrastructure and that growth bend to what we define as important to our community as stated in the 2012 comprehensive plan.

—Camille Obering, owner, Camille Obering Fine Art, Wilson, WY

Teton County is at crossroads. Will continued growth crush us or will we control it? Christian Beckwith wants to control it, other candidates don’t. Christian has my vote.

—Ted Kerasote, New York Times bestselling author of Merle’s Door and Pukka’s Promise

Christian is willing to fight to protect our ecosystem and to prevent unchecked development from destroying what is magical about our valley.  If we don’t push back against the nearly irresistible urge to build, build, build, we will destroy the unique ecosystem that makes our community special.  We need a fighter who will be singularly focused on managing the fragile balance between our community and our local wildlife.

—Kirk Davenport, Wilson, WY

What I’ve come to know about Christian: he believes in the power of this peaks-shadowed place and understands its fragility. His approach to conservation is thoughtful, clear-eyed, innovative. There’s a legacy to protect here, and Christian’s ready and eager for the engagement necessary to secure it long-term.

—Joy Sawyer-Mulligan, Educator, Alta

Christian is willing and able to confront the forces of “business-as-usual” that see relentless growth as the solution to all of Teton County’s problems. Creating a plan for a responsible, sustainable future for our community is an enormous challenge – one that he is ready to meet. Failure to do that will be a crisis of vision that disowns the enormous legacy we have been given to live in one of the unique and special places of the world.

—Michael A. Stern, Jackson, WY

Jackson Hole needs an intervention. Overcrowding and the pro-growth agenda are killing our wildlife and fundamentally changing how locals live. Christian is the only candidate who is addressing the issue of conservation. I am supporting Christian and you should too.

—Jeffrey Greenbaum, MD, Wilson, WY

Christian Beckwith will fight for protections of the environment, public lands and to retain the quality of life enjoyed now and for future generations. He has the drive and determination to lead us towards responsible growth and development. 

—Beverly Koller, Alta, WY

There’s only one issue that really matters as Teton County looks to the future. Do we have the courage and determination to put the brakes on the onslaught of ever increasing tourism and the explosive growth it brings with it? Christian Beckwith is the only candidate that clearly understands that. I will cast only one vote for County Commissioner, and that will be for Christian Beckwith.

—Ed Riddell, Jackson, WY

Yellowstone and Jackson Hole inspired the modern conservation movement and the world looks to us to set an example of how to live in balance with our unique ecosystem. Christian understands the privilege of living in this special place and the responsibility and leadership we need to steward our natural environment into the future. Our quality of life and our economy depend on leadership that maintains this balance.   

—Aaron Pruzan, Owner, Rendezvous River Sports; American Rivers Conservation Champion 

Napoleon said, ‘Put your principles in order, and all else is a matter of detail.’ I believe Christian has his principles in order; I support his broad agenda; he thinks critically, independently, and clearly; he writes well, and writing is a window into someone’s mind; and he cares. For these reasons, I support Christian for Teton County Commission. 

—Tom Hogan, Jackson Hole, WY 

Like most of  us, I moved to this valley because of its beauty, wildlife, community, and outdoor recreation, and I’m continuously grateful that I get to live here. In the past I have voted for people who claimed they shared my respect and appreciation for this place, yet they continue to vote in favor of more commercial development and expansions. It’s time to give our community, our wildlife and the ecosystem that supports it the respect and care they deserve. I’m voting for Christian because he will make conservation and preservation a priority, not a campaign slogan.

—Kim Young, Owner, Mountain Lotus Massage Therapy, Jackson, WY 

Taking care of our economic base and our national legacy requires a mix of vision and restraint. In the 1930s and 1940s, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the Jackson Hole National Monument restrained our crasser economic impulses. The 1950 conversion of the Monument to an enlarged National Park saved Jackson Hole from growing despoliation. The visionary adoption of land use planning in 1978 increased protection of our groundwater (not enough, but a lot) and set up longer term protection of privately owned open space. Subsequent improvements in local government enacted land use protections had many good effects, including increased landowner value and better stewardship of our shared heritage. 

Fast forward to 2020: transportation system gridlock, diminishing landowner charity by way of fewer voluntary conservation easements, groundwater contamination and related personal and public health hazards, generationally significant proposals to convert ranch land into subdivisions, insufficient affordable housing, and a menacing backdrop of climate change and consequent environmental degradation. 

Christian Beckwith can’t fix any of this by himself. But with your vote on November 3, he can add his considerable energy and intellect to a team of thoughtful leaders who will use the tools of government to advance our common welfare, and keep driving Jackson Hole, step by step, in the direction of a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future. That’s why he has my vote for the Teton County Board of County Commissioners.  And because continued community success in an increasingly poor Wyoming isn’t free, the 7th penny local sales tax proposition gets my ‘yes’ vote too.

—Len Carlman, Wilson, WY

I am thrilled to endorse Christian Beckwith for Teton County Commission. Plainly put, I do not know anyone who will work harder for Teton County than Christian. His passion for this county, his drive, commitment, and work ethic are literally a force of nature. His experience in the outdoor recreation industry, his work in the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) space, his ability to form strategic partnerships, and his ability to execute a team vision are extraordinary. In these complex times, Christian is uniquely prepared to serve this community.

—Giovannina Anthony, MD, Partner, Women’s Health Center and Family Care Clinic

@ 2020 Christian Beckwith for Teton County Commissioner.