Episode 2, Part 2 delivers a deep dive into the state of American and European climbing before the war, as well as how the rise of the Third Reich caused some of the best German and Austro-Hungarian mountaineers to emigrate, influencing climbing and skiing in America and contributing to 10th Mountain Division’s fighting skills. 

The episode, which is told through the experiences of John Andrew McCown II, includes interviews with:

  • Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, on McCown’s love of falconry and how it was displaced by climbing
  • Chris Jones, the author of Climbing in North America, on the gap between European and North American climbing before the war
  • Howard Koch, a veteran of the 10th who learned to climb before the war with fellow 10th soldier David Brower, and who fought alongside John McCown on Italy’s Riva Ridge.

See here for an overview of the characters mentioned in this episode.

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