With this special bonus episode, the 10th Mountain Division’s commanding officer, Major General Greg Anderson, and its Command Sergeant Major Nema Mobar identify some of the lessons learned from the Division’s World War II inception and the relevance of those lessons to its efforts to rebuild its military mountaineering identity, culture and capacities.

What has changed between the original division and its contemporary counterpart, and what remains the same? What has the current division learned from its own history and how is it using those lessons to guide its rebuilding process? And how can America’s climbers and skiers, inspired by the service of our forebears, support the division as it strives to reconnect with its roots?


  • Host: Christian Beckwith
  • Episode Focus: Exploring the evolution of the 10th Mountain Division from its World War II origins to its contemporary identity, with insights from Major General Greg Anderson and Command Sergeant Major Nema Mobar.


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  • Brief Overview: Recap of the 10th Mountain Division’s WWII role as a light infantry division in cold weather and mountainous terrain.

Evolution of the 10th Mountain Division:

  • Reactivation: Deactivation in 1945 and reactivation in 1985 at Fort Drum.
  • Operational Shift: Transformation into a “light infantry” division with a focus on rapid deployment.
  • Recent Developments: The 10th Mountain Division’s current status as the busiest unit in the U.S. Army.

Interview with Major General Greg Anderson and Command Sergeant Major Nema Mobar:

  • Lessons from History: Discussing key insights from the division’s WWII inception.
  • Ongoing Rebuilding Process: Understanding the division’s efforts to regain its military mountaineering identity.
  • Lessons Learned: Insights from their own history guiding the rebuilding process.
  • Support from the Community: Exploring how civilians, especially climbers and skiers, can support the division in reconnecting with its roots.

About the Guests:

  • Major General Greg Anderson: Background, service, and roles in various military commands.
  • Command Sergeant Major Nema Mobar: Background, extensive light infantry experience, and roles within the 10th Mountain Division.

Division Structure and Current Deployment:

  • Overview of Fort Drum: Location, proximity to Watertown, and division structure.
  • Composition: Approximate number of soldiers, brigade combat team, combat aviation brigade, infantry brigade combat teams, sustainment brigade, and artillery headquarters.
  • Current Deployment: The 10th Mountain Division’s role in CENTCOM and its rapid deployability.


  • Preview of General Anderson’s insights from Europe, supporting missions in Ukraine.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of America’s original mountain unit, the 10th Mountain Division, with firsthand insights from Major General Greg Anderson and Command Sergeant Major Nema Mobar.